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Ascent iQ has been there since a pretty long time dominating the IT Solution industry. We commenced off with a low budget but over the time things drastically transmuted for us, all thanks to our strenuously exertive and dedicated team of IT professionals. Our main branch is in India, but our dealings span across various countries across the globe

We have all the required resources and trained workforce that will be needed to kick off your projects right away. Our company is dynamic who dotes to deal with challenges and hurdles along the way of our peregrination. It took us long, but we believe that from our side, justice was served to provide the high-quality solutions in this field.

About us

What do we do?

In a simple and straightforward sentence, we are one of the biggest and leading technology-based solutions providing company that made its way till here by sheer hard work and dedication. We create the next generation of advanced tailored Software Applications that will work well with today's audience also.

Our years of experience make it possible to cater to each and every industry by delivering the output and without compromising even a little with the quality and deadline. Ascent iQ has turned many conceptions into the authenticity of various fields including insurance, academic intitules, government, life sciences, logistics, Mobile Applications, etc.

How do we do?

The company specializes in Software Development, IT consulting, Application Development, Digital Marketing services, etc. Our team ascertains the client's objectives are achieved through strategic and innovative counseling. Each case is analyzed and understood till the depth afore the genuine work commences on it by our professionals. The company follows different approaches to deal with different cases and probably that's the reason we stand out from the rest.

Why Choose Us?

We don't like to boast about us being one of the best companies as many are already doing it. But yes, we can be certain that it can be easy to work with us. This "easy to work" skill isn't found in many of the so-called Best IT Companies and that just changes up the whole game. The idea of partnering up with a huge solution company and then experiencing clumsy or irritable work doesn't sound like a fine idea so why not give us a try?

Ascent iQ has some of the most decent professionals who will deliver more than your expectations but out of all this, the experience of collaborating with us will be a frolicsome recollection that will stick in your head for a long period of time.

Our Team

Ascent iQ strong believes that a good, professional and dedicated team can lead you to immense heights. Our team constitutes of IT professionals from all across the globe with proven track records. A project is not our work, it's a passion and that's the reason we see each project as a challenge that we have to complete in the most creative and intelligent manner. The workforce tries to keep up with the industry standards so that the client's expectations and goals are met conveniently. We have got some of the best training tools to expand the knowledge and practicality of our people in the work they do.

Our Vision

The vision is something which can be called the ultimate goal and it's this specific factor that drives us every day to be better than the previous day. We want to make our organization a healthy and fun environment for all of our workforce, clients, shareholders, and other related associates. We are striving hard to improve each day by staying updated, dynamic, committed, professional, productive, profit-oriented, customer satisfaction oriented, etc.

Our Mission

Our firm believes that the innovations have reduced over time in certain IT fields. If this perpetuates, then in the coming ten years or so, we could be on the verge of a static technology which may be similar to as of today. To ascertain that such a situation doesn't arise and only quality and innovative work is seen in the future then we as a firm should start preparing from today. It's our duty to make the world a better and advanced place with our work. With each day's little and little contribution, we hope to establish ourselves as a large IT firm in the future.

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