We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the best Recruitment Firm in India who offers opportunities for both clients and job seekers. We aimed to meet organizations with the best talents and vice versa. Thus, we offer highly advance and tailored staffing solution for client as per their requirements like permanent and temporary. To fulfill staffing needs, we arrange campus placement where we offer out of box campus recruitment solution for institutes and colleges across India. With a vision to explore and evaluate young talents, we introduce the concept of Campus Placement and promotion of institutes (and colleges) to place their fresh candidates.

The main objective of our campus placement service is to select and hire the highly qualified and talented candidates while they are still completing their education. This process enables organizations to pick the best fresh candidates when needed.

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Our campus placement process involves the following steps:

Pre-Placement Discussion : Involves a discussion about the company,its milestones, aim, vision and mission. Here, we also discuss about candidate job description and scope of development as well as growth.

Matching Educational Qualification and Eligibility as per Job Description : Companies are very much interested in the Campus Placement thus they match and finalize the minimum educational qualifications, eligibility criteria and conditions.

Written Test : Consists an aptitude test that would perform at the initial level to filter candidates.

Group Discussion : The main purpose of this round is to assess the communication skills, personality, behaviour, listening ability, leadership capabilities and other qualities of an individual candidate.

Technical Interview : Checks and evaluates the technical ability of the selected student.

Formal Interview : This round helps in assessing the confidence level of a selected candidate towards the offered position.

Post Placement Discussion : The offer letter is given and company HR explains the company guidelines, joining procedure and other information to the finalized candidate.

Main Benefits of our Campus Placement Services for Both Companies and Job Seekers

  • Our campus placement panel offers wide choices of qualified and talented candidates for different job positions. From the pool of talents, companies only need to select the best candidate for their business who can easily adjust into company’s work ethic. On the other hand, students get best job opportunities to work as per their qualification before completing their study.
  • Our campus placement panel saves time and efforts of the companies as they effectively and efficiently handle the whole recruitment process. Moreover, our process reduces unusual expenses related to the recruitment like advertisement, initial screening of a candidate and final selection procedures etc.
  • From students’ point of view, our campus placement services enable students to participate in internships and summer training programs which can cause direct placement in the different job positions by the company.

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