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Senior Developer

Department: IT
Location: Noida
Education: BSc in Computer Science

Job Details

Job Title – Senior Developer
Industry – IT
Work Location – Noida
Company – Infogain

Candidate Profile

Work Experience – 5 to 7 Years
Other Qualification – Related to IT

Contact Details

Name – Rahul Saxena
Mail – ascentiqrahulsaxena@gmail.com
Phone – +91 817-1555-457


  • + years’ experience in IT / Programming / DEVOPS;
  • Sys admin 3+ years development ;
  • S1+ years development experience on CMDB/Asset Modules ;
  • Experience on Import Sets, Transform Maps, Discovery;
  • Experience in developing Service Portal using AngularJS ;
  • Database, debugging JavaScript/GUI ;
  • Should be able to debug Transform Maps;
  • IRE;
  • Imports Experience on Scripted REST (Inbound) Development.

Job Summary

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