Today marketing becomes digital by using electronic media over Internet. The main component of Digital Marketing is Internet where thousands of people visit and buy your products. Thus, it is very big platform to promote your brand and services world widely to gain attention of the targeted audiences. In digital marketing, a term Online is heard every time when we are talking about it. Online means a platform to showcase a brand and its products to the targeted audiences. There are several Technics of Digital Marketing but here we are discussing about Pay Per Click (PPC).

PPC Services

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click (best known as PPC) is a type of digital marketing Technic where advertiser has to pay for each click to an online advertisement. PPC advertisements are commonly visible on several browsers like Google, AdWords, and Bing. Moreover, PPC is categorized into two types namely flat rate PPC and bid based PPC. With search engine, advertisers bid on keywords on the other hand content rich websites charge a fixed rate for per click. Ascent iQ is one of the leading digital marketing service providers as we have a team of qualified and experienced PPC professionals who better known how to make PPC advertisements more attractive and enhancing so that more people click on it and ready to avail your services. We aimed to increase website visibility over Internet as well as online ranking.

How PPC Advertisement Works?

PPC is a broad category which consists a variety of platform and mediums to promote brand and its related services. Moreover, all kinds of PPC advertisements fall into two categories namely Google Ads and Social Media Advertising.

Google Ads: Here, search engine is used for PPC advertisement mainly Google Ads.

  • Search Advertisements
  • Local Search Advertisements

Social Media Marketing: Here, Social Media is the only platform to promote PPC advertisements.

  • Facebook and Instagram Advertisements
  • LinkedIn Advertisements

Benefits of Our PPC Advertisement:

  • Effectively present product details
  • Ensure huge quality traffic for website
  • Highly cost-effective solution
  • Enhance brand or business online presence
  • Improve website ranking
  • Increase profitability and business ROI
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Control budget for PPC advertisements
  • Highly result oriented services

Our SEO Services are given as follow:

Target Market and Target Audience

Search Advertising

Refers to a type of pay per click advertisement where our experts work hard to effectively and efficiently place online advertisements on different web pages to get the attention of targeted audiences. Further in the search engine advertising services, advertisements can also be visible on others web pages or other published content.

Deciding on the right Social Media Mix

Display Advertising

We offer display advertising services where we create highly attractive and eye-catching banners, images or textual advertisements which appear on different websites as per the targeted audiences. And we link these advertisements to the client’s website. Thus, our client’s website gets huge number of targeted audiences which increase profitability and higher conversion rate.

Target Market and Target Audience


Our remarketing service showcases your brand and its products related ads to the targeted audiences or people who just visited your website for searching relevant information. The purpose of our remarketing services is to provide cost effective solution and increase customer conversion rate by reaching to each customer.

Deciding on the right Social Media Mix

Social Media Advertising

Refers to a type of pay per click advertising where social media channel like Facebook, LinkedIn, is used for promoting your brand and its products. Social media is a very big platform for online promotion as large numbers of audiences. Thus, we offer PPC advertising on these social media platforms that help in achieving higher click rates and increasing brand and its products awareness.

Target Market and Target Audience

PPC Call Only

Highly effective and efficient way to promote client’s brand world-wide and aware the targeted audience about their products as well as services. Here, we set up a “call only campaign” and advertising in such a way to encourage customers to call rather than to click. Through this campaign, we ensure to drive large number of calls to your business instead of generating clicks.

Deciding on the right Social Media Mix

Mobile Ad Campaign

As per today’s trend, this is the most relevant way to promote your brand. Here, we create advertisements that can easily visible on the website and most importantly also on their mobile phone by the targeted audience.

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