Being one of the best manpower providing Organization in India, we committed to fulfill all your requirements for the best job or candidate. We better know how to coordinate with companies and job seekers so that one can get best job and other one can get best employee.

Ascent iQ, a leading HR Recruitment Firm that offers a complete set of HR Solutions to their associated clients, organizations, businesses and institutions. Our HR Recruitment solution includes Payroll Management and Staffing Solutions. For this purpose, we have a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel that can easily understand the client’s requirements and offer best candidate which can prove fruitful for the client. While providing services, our professionals make sure not to compromise with the compliance’s and quality of our services.

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The Recruitment and Placement Process

Step 1: Identifying the Job Responsibilities
Before starting the Recruitment process, we try to effectively and efficiently understand the client’s requirements for recruitment. If we don’t understand the job description, then we can’t find the right candidate for the propose position. Thus, we spend enough time with clients and try to understand what they expect from the candidate?

Step 2: Planning
Once we identified the client’s requirements, we start making a strong strategy to achieve the client’s expectation. Planning needs to be more powerful so that we can easily choose the right employee for the client’s organization. Before planning, we clear job responsibilities and job type whether temporary or permanent. In planning, we also need to define the hiring process such as total number of steps performs to finalize the candidate.

Step 3: Searching
This is the most important step of the Recruitment and Placement process. In this step, we have to spend time on searching resumes which best suited to the client’s requirements. After collecting all the resumes, we deeply analysis and select relevant one. After this, we sent all the selected resumes to the client for short listing process.

Step 4: Telephone Screening
Here, we have a batch of short-listed candidates, who are interested for the propose position. In this step, we perform a telephonic screening by calling the selected candidate to know more about them like their qualification, past experiences, related technologies soundness and more.

Step 6: Face-to-face Interviewing
This is the most dedicate step of the Recruitment Process where face to face interaction between candidate and client personnel gets held.

Step 7: Offering of employment At this step, we offer the propose position to the selected candidate and it is not granted that the candidate is surely accepted the position.

Step 8: Hiring of the Candidate Here, everyone is thinking why are the Offer and Hire step not combined into a single step? The answer to this question is that not every offer of employment is accepted by the selected candidate. If candidate 1 rejected the offer then it passes to another similarly to others till the offer is not accepted. When an offer is accepted, then official hiring of the selected candidate started and the Recruitment process gets completed.

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