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Website Design and Development

Why one needs to develop a website for their business?

As per today’s trend, a website plays an important role in the success of a business. It refers to a center hub of communication and a platform for showcasing business products as well as services. Moreover, a website considers as the most valuable platform for performing different marketing activities, plans and strategies. All marketing materials like product brochures are available on the company website. Customer can easily surf the website and known more about the company profiles, products, services, etc. Thus, a website is needed for every business to effectively present products information and attract more people toward your business that can prove fruitful in future.

Website Development with Ascent iQ

Ascent iQ, a leading name in the field of website design and development. We have a team of highly qualified and experience personnel who believe in providing highly advance web development solution to our clients. We develop your website in the way you want or as per your business requirements. Before starting the website development process, we spend enough time to effectively understand your business requirements, goal, purpose and targeted audience to whom you want to present your services. The main objective of our web development services is to attract more people toward your business and indirectly convince them to avail your services. Moreover, our solution is highly customized with Digital Marketing solution so that more people can connect with your business and increase your profitability.

Our Web Design and Development Process:

Phase 1: Information Gathering->Focus on Business Objective, Purpose, Goal and Targeted Audience
This is the first step of our website development process where we spend enough time on gathering and understanding information like your business requirements, goal, objective etc to successfully design your website. The success of our web development process depends on our professionals understanding and knowledge about your business and how effectively they gathered as well as utilized information during website creation.

Phase 2: Planning-> A Site Layout is Created
This is the second step of our website development process where our professionals use gathered information to plan a strong strategy. At this stage of work, we develop a site map where a list of all the main components and sub components of a website with a complete information flow is prepared by our team.

Phase 3: DesignShape a Website with the Layout of its Related Web Pages is Designed
This is the most important phase of our website development process where we start shaping your website as per the specified plan and gathered information. During our design phase, all the visual contents viz.images, graphical sketches, photos, and videos are created by our developers by keeping the targeted audience in mind. The primary objective of our design phase is to present information in more structural format so that website looks more attractive and appealing as per the company products.

Phase 4: Development- Coding is written as per the design
Again, this is an important phase where we create complex code as per the final website design. Here, we carefully read all planning documents and studied website layout to avoid confusion and errors about website development and features presentations.

Phase 5: Testing and Delivery
After completing the website development process, a through testing is performed where every single module and link is tested with respect to its functionality, requirements, broken links and more. We check and verify every form, script, spelling to avoid all possible errors from the website. Moreover, we also run code validators to verify that our code follows all the web standards.

Phase 6: Maintenance
After testing and launching your website, it doesn’t mean that our work gets finished. The real work starts when your website gets live. This is known as the maintenance phase which needs our time and attentions to avoid hurdles. Here, our professionals keep close watch on your website and update it regular to match with current technologies.